Get started Learning BlockChain

Learn Solidity Programming Language: This is designed for developing smart contracts that run on Ethereum. Click here to get started with Solidity.

Learn Flat and Relational DB

Learn Data Structure: i.e. Stack, LinkedList, and Queue.

Learn Terms related with blockchain ie. Mining, Public Distributed Ledger, Hash Encryption, Proof of work etc.

Learn How does Ethereum, HyperLedger, Hashgraph works?

Understand the Economics behind blockchain:

  1. Cryptography and Economics
  2. Cryptography in blockchain invoices hashing, Digital Signatures, and Proof of Work
  3. Hashing uses a cryptography algorithm using (sha256 in bitcoin and ethash in ethereum)
  4. Digital Signature: Private Key and Public Key.
  5. POW requires a miner to solve a mathematical puzzle to be able to add a block to the blockchain

Start Coding and Creating your own smart contract.Create own distributed application in Ethereum.

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