SEO of Hindi Website – SEO in Hindi – हिन्दी

If your website is in Hindi, this blog post is for you.

  • User URL in English or Hinglish (Which is typed by the user)
  • User URL as .in instead of .com, so Search engines can identify this is a targeted Indian user website.
  • Use HTML tag as lang = “hi” i.e. <html lang=’hi’>

    html lang hi
  • Target keywords in Hindi instead of pure English.
  • While searching for keywords add “………. in hindi” for example as below:in hindi
  • Add In Hindi keyword in the title (with or without an English sentence.)
  • Here is some example of Hindi-English mix title and content.
  • title-example-hindi-englishTItle-description-hindi-english
  • Add FAQ in website as below.
  • faq example questions in page.

    Manish Shrivastava

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